Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas Time :)

So I know that it has been forever since I posted, but lots of cool things have been happening here. Spencer and I were working hard on Luminere for church. What is Luminere? Let me tell was our Christmas production. Think a Cirque du Soleil style telling of the story of Creation...through till Jesus' birth! It was unbelievable!! Mark Courtney, our creative director at our church is amazing! I will try to put a link up with some pictures.
Spencer was in the production (as the Moon Pilot)

and I helped with make-up and made the costume for the Dark Angel. After obsessing about the head piece for almost a turned out perfectly

Next bit of good news....I SOLD MY FIRST ART PIECE! I have a small Etsy site, and right before Christmas I sold my first piece! I cannot tell you how thrilled I was! My goals for next year included selling some of my artwork in this way! I am ahead of the game :) This is what I sold:

Lastly, we had a wonderful Christmas! Here are some pics from the wonderous day:

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