Saturday, January 5, 2013

     So, there is a little story behind this guy.  My husband is Brittish, and he has an amazing accent!  Even though he has been in the states for nineteen years, he still sounds very Brittish, and some words are better than others.  One in particular.  Squirrel.  It never gets old to hear him say it, and it makes me giggle each time!
     Friday, as I was driving to the art studio where I volunteer each week, I had the inspiration to create this.  I love how he turned out, and I hope that you do too!  I love the effect of the words showing through....definitely my style!  Thanks for looking, and make sure to check out the other artists in the hop!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

So here are the before and after progression shots of the latest portrait.  I am really excited about how it is turning out so far!  I love the look of the wood showing through, so I think I will make sure to leave some of it showing.  My plan is to re-draw the shirt with the pencil, and do a super simple background.  I love it!  Please feel free to leave a comment!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

     I am returning to a more realistic face today.  I am part of a weekly technique challenge that started today, and the theme this week is to use graphite and acrylic together in one piece.  I have drawn a portrait of my hubby on a 12x12 piece of wood.  My problem is that I like the drawing so much, I am hesitant to add the paint :). I know that I want to use transparent washes, and leave some of the wood showing through.  I also know that I want the pencil to show as well.  Hmmmmm....what to do what to do?!?!?  Stay tuned tomorrow for some progress :)

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

     So as I said yesterday, my word for the year is BREAK.  Here is my first creative offering.  It is a small canvas board in the background, with a mixed media collage.  Then I attached a small wooden block that has the girl painted on it.  This is actually one of a series I am starting.  I am going to try and work in series this year so that I can get a collection of works to display together.  I have already finished a larger canvas that is similar to this.  The colors are a little different, and I actually prefer the girl a little on that one.  I am planning three more of this size and color pallate, and then back to the bigger ones.  I hope that you enjoy them!
     Please make sure to check out the other ladies who are joining me for the creative start to the year!