Sunday, November 29, 2009


So here are the finished portraits that I will use to make the commissioned paintings with....LOVE LOVE LOVE the way that they turned out! I have also listed them on Etsy...not these exact ones, but these were perfect for an example!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Wow....I am soooo not good at posting on here....I think that FACEBOOK is the reason :) Anyway, here are some of my current projects that I am working on.
*I decided to go in on a Craft Booth from now until the end of the year with a friend of mine. I am making Paper-Flower wreaths that I saw on the Fancy Pants blog :) They are really turning out cute!
*I took an online painting course from SuziBlu (That girl is FuNkY! I LOVE IT!) and just ADORE the results!
*Because of said class, I was asked if I can paint boys. I had never tried, so I decided to try some sketches of my boss' sons and LOVED the results. So now she has commissioned me to do two paintings before Christmas :) :) :)
*From the same painting, I am working on another piece for a friend!
*From the sketches, I am working on a few other surprises for a very close personal friend....MUM'S THE WORD on these :)
THE CREATIVITY IS POURING OUT!!! Maybe it will continue into the new year and help me reach my creative goals...same as last year...1. Make a design team (Look out Memory Works....I am gonna try) 2. Attend a Creative Conference and 3. Maybe get a new Digital SLR Camera. I have to make enough CREATIVE MONEY to do these, so HERE I GO! And with that, I will leave you with some Eye Candy :)