Saturday, January 5, 2013

     So, there is a little story behind this guy.  My husband is Brittish, and he has an amazing accent!  Even though he has been in the states for nineteen years, he still sounds very Brittish, and some words are better than others.  One in particular.  Squirrel.  It never gets old to hear him say it, and it makes me giggle each time!
     Friday, as I was driving to the art studio where I volunteer each week, I had the inspiration to create this.  I love how he turned out, and I hope that you do too!  I love the effect of the words showing through....definitely my style!  Thanks for looking, and make sure to check out the other artists in the hop!


Liz said...

Now you've got me curious as to how 'squirrel' is pronounced differently :D I'm South Australian with a somewhat Australian-British mishmash of an accent and I know for a fact that our pronunciation varies a lot from basic American (if there is a thing :D). So I'm curious :D

And he is a cutie.

Best wishes,

Nina Collosi said...

Hi Regan, thanks for visiting my blog and for the lovely comment! Love checking out everyone's blog - so creative. Love your story about your husband and his accent. Your squirrel is adorable!

Happy Cre8ive Year!

Wendy Poling said...

I love your squirrel (and the story behind it)! So cute.

judy mountjoy said...

your squirrel is soo sweet and so very original!!

Janine Whitling said...

I can almost hear his accent in my head! LOL And what a gorgeous squirrel it is, love that you've used book pages for him said...

Love it!!