Monday, September 15, 2008

Taking a new step

So the creative roll that I was talking about before has really kept going! I sold the second owl painting that I made (the first was a swap), and got an order for a mouse one. Although this seems like baby steps, they seem HUGE to me! I actually SOLD something that I created! Now, I have a goal to get to with these creations. I have wanted to attend a Creative Retreat for a few years now, but money was always an issue for me. My goal is to put the money that I make with any art that I sell away for a retreat! My wonderful hubby is on board with this idea, so I am off on my next creative journey! To celebrate, I bought this amazing book that I have been coveting for a few weeks now:
I intend to first savor the ENTIRE book, and then use it to expand upon what I am starting to feel inside. Think of me as I go into the next step of my journey!!!! And wish me well :)

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Rosie said...

Loving these spoon and fork people! Very original and different - great work and thanks for being part of our challenge.
Rosie ABAA