Monday, May 10, 2010

Latest and Greatest

So I have been pretty creative lately, this past weekend at the Mega Meet only fueled me on more! I had such an amazing time hanging out with the girls, helping out in the classrooms, seeing (and touching) all of the new products out there...oh yeah, and MEETING TIM HOLTZ!

I was pretty bummed out when I found out I didn't get into any of his classes because I was waiting to see if I had been accepted as a volunteer for the show. Then I found out I would be a floater...which meant I wasn't assigned to any particular room, just going where needed. Well, on the first day, I was LUCKY enough to get to to into HIS class and help out for the first hour....nothing else mattered!

I am happy to say that he is a truly great guy...down to earth, EXTREMELY talented (like I didn't know that already), and FUNNY! It really was awesome. Anyway, here is what I have been playing around with lately:

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