Thursday, December 27, 2012

2013....Ready or not, here I come!

I had a lot of lofty goals for this past year with my art, and they all came to be! Not only did I set out to paint 52 watercolor portraits, I ACTUALLY FINISHED THEM! My ArtPrize piece turned out better than I could've hoped for, and the entire experience was indescribable!
As a first time artist, not only did I get a venue, but it was actually one of my top three choices! At least 200,000 people came through the venue where I was showing and saw my art! Like I said, AMAZING! The best part of it all was when Walter, one of the homeless people from my piece, came in and saw himself! Not once, not twice, but on three separate occasions, and each time, he brought someone else with him! His pride at seeing himself up there was awesome! He said to me that he has lived in Grand Rapids for years, and had never been comfortable enough to go into that building, but I made him feel like he belonged there!!!
After ArtPrize finished, I displayed the piece locally in another competition, and took First Place in the public vote and also won the Most Reflective Juried award! That was the first time I have won a competition with my art!
As amazing as this year was, I have some great intentions for the coming year as well! I have joined a creativity challenge for January, and intend to get focused back on art. I also am not finished yet with the portraits! They have more of a story to tell, and I am going to do just that by turning them into a book! I have interviewed two of the subjects so far, and will continue to do more until I have enough for my book! I did get some press in the local paper for my project, and hopefully that will stir up some interest in thing as well!
I hope to begin work on a series of mixed media paintings in the new year. I am also using some of my prize winnings to join a local artists guild, in an effort to grow as an artist and get some more opportunities to show my work! As I said, 2013.....READY OR NOT, HERE I COME!

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