Friday, July 2, 2010

Red :)

So here is my latest painting....I am not sure about the nose, but I will continue working through it :)
After showing my hubby, he wasn't impressed with the background...he thought it looked too violent.  I think his exact words were : "It looks like something that should be hanging in an abused woman's shelter"...ah well, to each their own.  It is also going to have some words...I am thinking "Listen to your heart's whispers".  If you look closely you will see vintage sheet music in the background...I LOVE IT!

I have been addicted to doing faces since I took a couple of  Suzi Blu's classes. They are awesome!  She is so quirky, it is a blast to watch the videos!  I have actually been caught giggling, no, flat out guffawing while watching :)

I have also been working through the book "Taking Flight" by Kelly Rae Roberts with a friend, and have made the journal from chapter one.  I love the way the pages turned out, and have been digging pretty deep for the content.  My creative wings include selling my work and using it to fund Mission Trips.  Today, I met with a woman who is interested in opening a consignment shop with me and using some of the proceeds for Mission work!!!!!  Is that not God speaking or what!?  Although we are in talking stages, September is when she wants to open.  There is A LOT of work to be done, but I have told her I have nothing financial to bring to the table, only my time and talent and she seemed VERY interested still!  Please say a few prayers that God will make His plan known to me....this might be the FIRST STEP that I have been waiting for.

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Christa Irell said...

She is lovely, Regan! She has a serene, kind face. And the background is very alive, I would say.
My husband doesn't really "get" my art either, though he is very supportive of it... lol
I took the G&P class last semester and I am still drawing faces, it gets easier, just like Suzi says, once you know where everything goes.
Keep having fun and keep up the great work!