Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year!

 So I have decided to go for it this year and state my artistic goals publicly in order to try and be held accountable to them!  So, here goes:

     1.  I am an artist and I need to start living it!  I have decided to join the Creative Everyday Movement and do something creative each and every day!!!!  Yes, time is of a premium...Yes, I am still working full time and helping to run a consignment shop...Yes, I am a mom and wife....but YES I AM AN ARTIST!
     2.  I was ever so graciously given the gift of an online class over the Holidays.  I will be participating in Soul Restoration starting January 11...the day after my Birthday...HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME :)  There is still time to sign up...take a look at it, it sounds really amazing!!!!!
     3.  By the end of this year I hope to have a little stockpile of artsy goodness on hand that I can show, I will have a portfolio of items that I can use to represent my work :)
These are my resolutions...or "projects" as Suzi Blu calls them.  They are intentional and will happen!
     A lot of the artists that I most admire lately have chosen words to represent them this year...mine is INTENTION!

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